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Announcing changes to Netlify plans

News & Announcements

Announcing changes to Netlify plans

Today, we’re announcing changes to Netlify plans that should better align the features and performance of the platform to the different web projects you’re running.

Not only are we rapidly evolving the Netlify platform to help you do more, but we’re also thrilled to see the range of web apps you’re running on Netlify - from Twilio’s next-generation web console to Victoria Beckham Beauty’s ultra-fast ecommerce app to Spring’s website builder that’s home to over 6.5 million storefronts. As our platform and customer projects evolve, we’ll periodically make adjustments to our plans.

These changes are coming in April of this year. Here’s what’s changing:

1) Redefining deploy permissions

For sites connected to private repositories on Netlify Pro and Business teams, repo committers must be a team member in order to trigger deploys on Netlify. Sites connected to public repositories will have no membership requirements for deploys. This change better reflects how developers use the platform and, more importantly, it keeps the platform free for most cases where you just want to take Netlify for a spin, stand up a personal site, or let unlimited external developers contribute to an open source project.

2) Maximum Members for Pro and Business Plans

To make sure growing teams have the best experience running projects on Netlify, we’re moving Pro and Business plans with teams of 7 or more members to an annual Enterprise plan. This provides the right level of interaction with Netlify to ensure your projects are successful and offers access to our SLA-backed infrastructure, advanced team security, production support options, and more.

3) 2.5x More Bandwidth

As we improve the economics of our infrastructure over time, it’s our pleasure to pass some of these savings on to you. What that means is much higher bandwidth allocations for our Pro and Business plans:

  • Pro plan - Included bandwidth per month will increase 2.5x, from 400GB to 1TB

  • Business plan - Included bandwidth per month will also increase 2.5x from 600GB to 1.5TB

If you exceed the limits of your plan you’re on, there’s no need to change. You can stay on your current plan and we’ll charge an additional $55 per 100GB or feel free to move to the next plan up for a higher allocation of bandwidth. Enterprise plans will continue to have custom bandwidth thresholds optimized for each environment.

4) Up to 35x More Build Minutes

A major benefit of moving to a decoupled architecture with Netlify is the freedom to deploy changes to your sites frequently and fearlessly. To make this experience even better, we have a broad initiative within Netlify to not only make builds faster but also far less expensive. We’ve boosted the allocation of build minutes in our Pro and Business plans—by a lot.

  • Pro plan - Included build minutes per month will increase 25x, from 1,000 to 25,000.

  • Business plan - Included build minutes per month will increase 35x from 1,000 to 35,000.

If you exceed the limits of your plan, you can upgrade or continue with your current plan and incur a charge of $7 per 500 build minutes. As with bandwidth allocation, Enterprise plans will continue to have custom thresholds optimized for each environment.

More detail

These changes will be represented on our pricing page, but we wanted to also actively and transparently communicate everything here as we understand that this may take time for teams to plan and adjust.

  • If you are an agency working with Netlify and you want to discuss these changes, please contact your partner manager or reach out to the partner team.

  • If you want to dig into more detail or discuss the changes, please head to our support forums or contact sales to talk through your options.

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