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Announcing Netlify docs disco mode

News & Announcements

Announcing Netlify docs disco mode

Here at Netlify, one of our core company values is Care Deeply, and Have Fun. As manager of the Technical Writing team, I enjoy bringing a spark of music and movement into our team culture. We play chill tunes during co-working video calls, we do a little dance to celebrate the work we completed in the last week, and sometimes we just have to share our love of shakin’ it with our customers.

Today, for one day only, we are proud to introduce the Disco theme for our docs site! Now you too can do the hustle while you toggle the Netlify docs site between System (the default), Light, Dark, and Disco!

Just visit our docs, navigate to the end of the page, select the Disco theme from our available options, and try this out for real!

Disco theme selected from list of System, Light, Dark, Disco.

Warning: The resulting background GIF when this theme is enabled has animation that may be problematic for some readers.

Disco mode active on docs.

We hope you enjoy the option to toggle between modes on our docs. This feature started as an internal hackathon project for the Docs team during one of our company Netlivation Days. Be on the lookout for more Netlivation from our team to improve your Netlify experience.

And, in the meantime, boogie woogie down!

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