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CEO Announcement to the Netlify team

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CEO Announcement to the Netlify team

As Netlify continues on a path of being the best web development platform for the Enterprise, today we announced the decision to restructure the company. I want to share my thoughts around this by making public the email I sent to our team after our company all-hands.


I wanted to follow up with you all after our all-company call earlier today where we announced that we unfortunately have to say goodbye to some of our fellow team members. I would like to reiterate the reasons behind this decision. If you were unable to join the all-company call and your role has been impacted, by now you will have received a calendar invite with the subject “Netlify Restructure.”

Late last year, we made a conscious decision to evolve the business plan to expand beyond our core Netlify product, and introduce a web development platform that serves the needs of not only developers (historically our core audience), but also Enterprise Architects and Marketers. As we’ve shared with you in many Kickstart meetings and Town Hall’s, we have been building a differentiated vision that is the right one for the long term success of Netlify. Our acquisitions of Gatsby and Stackbit have been a significant part of this fundamental evolution.

An effort like this takes time and requires us to pause and reflect. After extensive analysis and discussions, I believe there are three fundamental changes needed at Netlify to make this plan a success.

The first is that we need to simplify the org to accelerate decision making. From 2020 to 2023 we grew our team substantially and added layers of management. We now need to simplify Netlify to be more nimble, drive increased accountability, and move faster towards our objective of being the de facto solution for companies looking to modernize their web architecture. This will result in the elimination of a number of positions at Netlify, and we’ll be saying goodbyes to many leaders who I’ve personally felt privileged to work with and learn from.

The second is for us to invest in initiatives that get us where we want to be, and cease to invest in those that do not. We need to focus on investing in Product and Engineering initiatives that help us solve business problems for the Enterprise that no one else can.

Finally, we need to continue our focus on financial discipline. The market is still in a rough place, and our strategy to grow efficiently remains core to our success.

With these necessary changes announced today, we are on the right path for an incredibly exciting future. For those amazing Netlifolk that are leaving us today, our team is working hard to make sure that they can continue to be a part of Netlify by waving the first year stock option cliff for newer employees, and extending the exercise period to 7 years.

As I mentioned at the end of our All Hands, after a Q&A tomorrow morning, we would like everyone to take the day off, to give you the space you may need to process these changes.

The future of Netlify is bright, the future is composable, and as a team we are in the best position to execute on our Enterprise strategy and grow the business.

With incredible gratitude,

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