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Cloud integrations for Netlify Log Drains

News & Announcements

Cloud integrations for Netlify Log Drains

In the fast-evolving landscape of website and application development platforms, efficient log management is the cornerstone of maintaining operational excellence.

Log drains, the unsung heroes of zero-config observability, are the conduits through which Netlify helps you communicate your websites’ activity and performance with your preferred monitoring platform. They allow you to extract valuable insights, troubleshoot issues, and fine-tune your applications for optimal results.

Many of our Enterprise customers are already familiar with Netlify’s Log Drain feature. Through traffic logs, lambda function logs, Edge function logs, and Deploy logs (new!), we enable development teams to monitor their workloads in real-time. This means they can troubleshoot code and function performance issues, observe traffic for malicious activity, pinpoint issues that cause builds and deploys to fail, store logs for deeper inspection, and more.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest rounds of improvements to our Log Drains feature. This new feature will help empower seamless, real-time insights into website and application performance.

Our latest integrations

You have spoken, and we have been listening! To help cover more of your use cases, we’ve added Log Drain integrations for Splunk Observability Cloud, Azure Monitor, and Axiom.

Splunk Observability Cloud

From Splunk, one of the industry’s most renowned providers of enterprise-scale logging and monitoring solutions (not to mention one of our customers’ most-requested logging solutions), Splunk Observability Cloud enables your team to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire stack.

Splunk Observability Cloud provides full-fidelity monitoring and troubleshooting across infrastructure, applications, and user interfaces, in real-time to help you keep your workloads reliable, deliver great customer experiences, and innovate faster.

Azure Monitor

Improving visibility for development teams using Azure DevOps, we've made it easy for your team to send web property log drains to Azure Monitor through the Netlify UI.

Azure Monitor collects and aggregates the data from every layer and component of your system across multiple Azure and non-Azure subscriptions and tenants. It stores it in a common data platform for consumption by a common set of tools that can correlate, analyze, visualize, and/or respond to the data.

You can even specify a particular dashboard in Azure by including the Workspace ID during the Log Drain setup.


In the world of logging and monitoring, Axiom is an exciting option for many growing teams.

Axiom is a log management and analytics solution that reduces the cost and management overhead of logging as much data as you want. With Axiom, organizations no longer need to choose between their data and their costs.

Axiom’s pricing allows you to right-size ingestion and retention for your team’s needs and build powerful dashboards and alerting easily.

Our newest Log Drains capability: Deploy Logs

Released recently, Deploy logs allows you to correlate your builds and deploys with other performance metrics to indicate when issues may have been introduced. You can also use these logs to create alerts in your logging solution when deploys fail to get eyes on potential product-blockers sooner.

Additionally, we’ve also recently included an option in the Log Drain setup to exclude personally-identifiable information, or PII, from your traffic logs. Organizations with stricter regulations around collecting and storing PII can now exclude this information and still monitor and measure visitor behaviors.

Start monitoring today

Setting up a Log Drain for your site is a breeze. Simply navigate to the** Log Drains** view under the Logs menu, select your logging provider, enter your provider’s authentication credential, and select the necessary log types. Within minutes, you’ll see meaningful logs streaming in that can be used to monitor your website’s most imperative performance indicators.

For more detailed information on getting started with Log Drains, visit our docs site.

Have you been using these features and would like to give us your feedback? Drop us a note in the forums.

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