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Deploy to Netlify from your own GPT

Deploy to Netlify from your own GPT

News & Announcements

Deploy to Netlify from your own GPT

Deploy to Netlify from your own GPT

About six months ago, we released the Netlify plugin for ChatGPT, which allows you to deploy code generated from a ChatGPT session. Since then, the AI scene has been sleepless: not only have models become more capable, but the general public has become more aware of how AI can increase individual productivity. Those two concepts have led to the advent of the GPT Store, a revenue-sharing App Store moderated by OpenAI. The only barriers to entry are language, data, and imagination.

Today, we're releasing a way for GPT authors to deploy directly to Netlify from within their own GPTs. Instead of your GPT simply generating frontend code, or offering to download code as a .zip, you can enhance your GPT to deploy code to Netlify's global CDN — for free! Try our sample GPT called Netlify Website Deployer to get a taste of the behavior that you can incorporate into the GPTs that you create.

We've given the developer of Grimoire, the #1 GPT in the Programming category of the GPT Store, early access to deploy to Netlify from within their GPT. Here's what he had to say:

Integrating Grimoire with Netlify's action was a breeze. So much so, that Netlify deploys have become a core component of Grimoire's prompt-gramming tutorial! I can't wait to see other GPTs make use of this incredible tool.

To learn how to deploy to Netlify from your own GPTs, read our freshly-published documentation that describes the details. Here's the gist:

  1. Generate a personal access token (PAT). This token is only used for authorization of your GPT — sites that your users generate won’t be associated with your account.
  2. Create an Action that imports our OpenAPI schema, and provide the PAT as a bearer token
  3. Test before releasing publicly

That's it! AI will "figure out" how to interact with our API to deploy your users' creations. Keep in mind that sites deployed to Netlify will be taken offline after one hour unless users claim them to their own Netlify account. This is a necessary anti-spam measure we enforce to ensure the quality of content on our platform. Our API response provides links to makes it easy for users to claim the sites that they generate.

We can't wait to see what you — and your users — create! Let us know by tagging @netlify on social media.

Are you hitting the limits? Do you want to be able to let your GPT trigger a CI/CD pipeline to build from source? Let us know your interest by tagging @netlify on social media.

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