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Announcing Netlify Enterprise Team Management, a simpler solution for managing user access

Netlify Enterprise Team Management (ETM)

News & Announcements

Announcing Netlify Enterprise Team Management, a simpler solution for managing user access

Netlify Enterprise Team Management (ETM)

Today Netlify launched Enterprise Team Management, a comprehensive suite of team governance and user access management tools. ETM aims to enhance productivity, streamline user access controls, and mitigate security risks. Now available as part of Netlify Enterprise plans, ETM caters to organizations with multiple teams and complex organizational structures, equipping them with flexible tools to establish, organize, and regulate access for both teams and individuals. This solution empowers Netlify admins with crucial resources to effectively manage and control access, ultimately boosting developer productivity, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and reducing time spent on repetitive manual processes. With ETM, Netlify equips enterprises with a robust set of tools to embrace modern web architecture and unlock its associated benefits.

Netlify ETM is available to select enterprise customers and comprises several distinct features.

  • Org-level SSO (single sign-on) provides out-of-the-box support for more than 20 identity providers and enables SAML (security assertion markup language) to be configured only once, which is applied to all teams created afterwards.
  • Directory Sync via SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), with Site-level Access Control bridges security groups and user groups, which enables admins to assign roles in buckets, automatically provision/deprovision users, and establish granular permission settings for the “Collaborators” role.
  • Reviewer Provisioning & Authentication MVP enables admins to leverage the existing identity provider to easily provision access for the “Reviewers” role and enforce SSO authentication to access deploy previews.
  • Self-serve Team Creation allows admins to autonomously create, edit, delete, and manage teams.

Challenges of User Access Management

As SaaS adoption gains momentum among Enterprise teams and organizations, user access management has become an indispensable requirement for platform administrators.
Popular SaaS platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Atlassian offer Enterprise-grade tools that enable admins to provision access for thousands of users within the organization. As organizations expand in terms of workforce, teams, and geographical reach, the complexity of user, team, and organizational management increases exponentially. In the absence of a sophisticated access management solution, admins are compelled to devote significant time to provisioning and deprovisioning access for every user and team across the entire organization. In fact, a staggering 38% of organizations identify manually creating and refining permission rules as their greatest challenge in access management (Core Security).

Manual management of user access leads to increased operational costs and overhead, exposing admins to potential security vulnerabilities. In some cases, users may be granted excessive access or retain access even after leaving the team or company. Industry reports consistently highlight these concerns. Simeio reveals that 49% of organizations have users with unnecessary access privileges, while Centrify indicates that 74% of data breaches originate from abuse of privileged credentials. Given these statistics, user access management is not only crucial but also demands additional support and effective oversight. It ensures appropriate access for all users, enhances team governance, and reduces security risks. Furthermore, with organizations averaging over 130 SaaS solutions in 2022 (BetterCloud), it becomes imperative for SaaS providers to equip admins with comprehensive access management capabilities that drive efficiency and bolster security.

Netlify’s Commitment to the Enterprise

As organizations expand their reach across products, teams, and borders, the significance of access management grows exponentially. Netlify admins face the challenge of enforcing stringent access control policies, but with ETM, they possess all the necessary tools to execute in their roles. Gone are the days of manual and error-prone processes for access provisioning. Moreover, Netlify ETM empowers customers to proactively address security risks that may arise from reorganizations or the need to safeguard valuable system and data access at the user level. By eliminating the need for additional steps to add, remove, or modify teams, Netlify ETM promotes efficiency, security, and productivity. This frees up Netlify admins to focus their time and efforts on the projects that hold the utmost importance.

ETM solidifies Netlify's position as the premier web development platform for enterprises, offering a suite of tools and solutions that enable organizations to design and construct for the future. Included as part of the Enterprise Grid plan, ETM is accompanied by additional benefits such as 1.5TB bandwidth and 35K build minutes per month, enterprise-grade security features, and access to Netlify's High Performance Edge network, which hosts all content, ensuring lightning-fast content load times and optimal performance.

For more information, please visit the ETM product page.
For technical guidance, please visit Netlify’s Organization Management docs page.

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