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Announcing the General Availability of Private Integrations for Netlify Core

News & Announcements

Announcing the General Availability of Private Integrations for Netlify Core

We’re excited to announce that we have released Private Integrations for Netlify Core. As the next evolution of the Netlify SDK, we are now giving all Netlify customers the ability to build Private Integrations. Private Integrations put the power in the hands of your development teams to create their own custom integrations for the entire Netlify Composable Web Platform.

In the modern era, developer experience (DX) is a critical component for helping enterprise development teams achieve success. Development teams want to innovate, solve complex problems, and move quickly. They don’t want to find themselves building tailor-made integrations and workarounds for connecting disparate systems. With Netlify SDK, teams can get started, scale, and go live faster with less setup than ever before.

Why build Private Integrations with Netlify SDK?

The benefits of composable architectures are great, but starting with a blank slate can be intimidating and time consuming. The Netlify SDK was designed for the needs of web developers who are responsible for orchestrating multiple content sources and services. It’s a comprehensive toolkit built for scale, robust enough to meet the demands of large enterprise projects, and nimble enough for quick iteration. Not to mention, getting started is easy — we are pleased to provide educational materials, code samples, and a seamless developer experience from ideation to production.

For teams looking to move quickly, build consistently, and scale effortlessly — Netlify SDK provides the following benefits:

  • Automate critical checks and balances: Customize processes during deploy and runtime to build-in custom security guardrails, quality assurance checks, and more. Ship faster, ship securely.
  • Deliver a superior DX: Easily create a tailor-made, bespoke UI to customize how developers interact with your Private Integration. The developer experience should be delightful, not a chore.
  • Reduce complexity and streamline operations: Achieve everything in a single code base to reduce noise, friction, and cut down on dreaded context switching.

Netlify Private Integrations use cases

With the addition of Private Integrations, the possibilities are endless. Enterprises can go beyond syncing proprietary data sources. Now, bespoke tools and configurations can be part of the Netlify workflow. Private Integrations are built in the same way using the Netlify SDK — no need for new skill sets.

Here’s a few examples of what your team can accomplish with Netlify Private Integrations:

  • Connect your third-party or proprietary data source to seamlessly sync data to Netlify Connect
  • Easily generate content as part of the build process utilizing Build Event Handlers
  • Unlock runtime observability by monitoring serverless function activity using the API Handlers

Here are some examples of real-world use cases our customers have asked for, and are now possible, with Netlify Private Integrations:

  • Loading secrets from a shared secret vault: A private integration can be created to accomplish the common work and solve this for all sites that need it. When the integration needs to be updated, your team can update it and all other sites connected will automatically update as well.
  • Enforcing security requirements in pre-production environments: Help your team make sure their code complies with your organization’s security requirements in pre-production by enabling an integration to mirror production security requirements. This will provide guardrails to help prevent deployments from shipping that may not be secure by design.
  • Strengthen the software supply chain: When a site is not working well, a Private Integration can be used to upload sourcemaps to a given vendor for debugging. This useful integration can vastly reduce the support time required to fix defects and address code concerns. In security scenarios, the ability to debug quickly and effectively is crucial.

Get started with Private Integrations

Netlify is looking forward to seeing what our incredible customers, developers, partners, and teams create. Netlify SDK is the next step in helping enterprise teams realize the full potential of composable architectures. No lock-ins, no trade-offs – just moving the composable web forward, one project at a time.

Not yet on Netlify? Request a free custom demo of our platform.

Ready to dig in? Check out the Netlify SDK docs.

Already using Netlify SDK and want to provide your valuable feedback? Drop us a note in the forums.

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