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Headless Commerce Summit Videos Now Available

News & Announcements

Headless Commerce Summit Videos Now Available

Missed us at Headless Commerce Summit 2022? Want to re-watch your favorite talk? We've got you covered.

All videos from Headless Commerce Summit 2022 are now available to view!

We'll continue to share in-depth blog posts and stories from Headless Commerce Summit, but here are a few of our favorite talks to highlight, with the link to find the videos.

Day 1 Highlights


Keynote: The Rise of Composable Commerce

Christian Bach, Co-Founder, and CCO of Netlify, discusses major trends we're seeing in the headless commerce landscape, including the shift to the term "composable commerce," the rise of the API-first economy, and more.

How Tile's Migration to Headless with Netlify Enabled them to Customise the Customer Experience

In this talk, Steve Jenkins, a Tech Lead at Tile, covers the story of Tile's migration to a headless, composable approach, and why a traditional system couldn't handle the customizations they wanted to build.

Composable Design Throughout the Stack

Salling Group's Martin Hobert explores why (and how) Salling migrated their brand properties over to a headless approach, and the benefits they're seeing in site performance, developer productivity, and overall time to market.

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Day 2 Highlights


Keynote: The Future of Brands

Debbie Ellison, Global Chief Digital Officer, of VMLY&R Commerce, explores the future of brands for eCommerce companies, including trends retailers need to understand, and how to truly engage Gen Z audiences in the future.

Q&A: PrettyLitter's Data-Driven Roadmap to Composable Commerce

In this fireside chat, Travis Garcia, Sr. Director of Product Management at PrettyLitter and Phil Hawksworth of Netlify discuss a rising D2C star's migration to a composable architecture. They'll cover the motivations for going headless, PrettyLitter's approach to the migration, and the business impact they're seeing so far.

How Hilding Anders Personalised Ecommerce Stores at Scale

In his role as CTO of Hilding Anders Group, Tomas Krag oversaw a massive migration of multiple branded sites to a composable architecture. In this talk, Tomas covers personalising ecommerce stores at scale, and why Hilding Anders selected a headless architecture for their global digital transformation.

How Salvatori Internationalised Their Ecommerce Store with Headless Commerce

Salvatori had a great ecommerce experience, but wanted to take their site international, which required a shift to a decoupled approach to enable that growth. In this talk, Massimo Pegoraro, Tech Director at Atoms Studio, discusseshow to architect large international ecommerce sites, and the decisions you might need to make.

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