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“Hello, world” says the Netlify Developer Hub

News & Announcements

“Hello, world” says the Netlify Developer Hub

Once upon a time, you could settle down to read the Netlify docs from start to finish in a single sitting while enjoying a cup of tea. By the time you’d finished reading, your tea would still be warm and you’d be eagerly hunting for more due to the excitement at the possibilities of the platform.

I know, because that’s what I used to do. It me.

Oh, but how we’ve grown over the years. The Netlify platform has matured and expanded massively and you’d no longer contemplate reading all the docs in a single sitting. They cover too much for that and you’d need too much tea. The docs are now authored and maintained by a dedicated team of super-talented engineers (who either save me or make me look smart on a regular basis). They are an invaluable reference and the place to start when learning how to use or troubleshoot specific Netlify features.

We also want to provide more contextual and goal-based guides and inspiration to developers who are discovering, or perhaps more experienced with the Netlify platform. Using the platform primitives to deliver specific functionality to your users, extending the Netlify platform via our SDK, or exploring integrations from partners, are all things that might benefit from little broader explanation than you might expect to find in a docs site.

Enter, the Netlify Developer Hub

We are delighted to be launching the new Netlify Developer Hub.

Our Developer Hub will become home to a wide variety of guides and examples for developers, and also provide a bird’s-eye view of the various releases happening around the Netlify ecosystem, helping developers stay abreast of the latest updates to our CLI, SDK, API and all sorts of integrations and support for frameworks.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be growing the number of guides available, and asking developers about the guides they’d most like to see included.

Visit the Dev Hub now and add it to your RSS reader so you never miss an announcement (while you sip that tea).

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