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Top Takeaways from the Jamstack Community Survey 2022

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Top Takeaways from the Jamstack Community Survey 2022

Today we’re delighted to be releasing the findings from the 2022 Jamstack Community Survey. This is our third year of the survey and we’ve had over 16,000 responses across the three years. In this post we’ll quickly call out a couple of the highlights, but if you want to hear more you can see my talk at Jamstack Conf tomorrow morning or dive deeper into the survey results on We’ll also be posting some follow-ups to this blog where we dive deeper into specific parts of the data.

55% of devs would quit rather than work in person

We’ve been interested in the huge and sudden increase in remote work that was kicked off in our community by the pandemic. We’ve found that today, 3 in 5 devs are working remotely more than 90% of the time and 4 in 5 are working remotely at least half the time. This is a huge change to the way we live and work and the kinds of tools we need to serve us, and it’s also a permanent one. We asked people whether their frequency of remote work had changed in the last 12 months and 76% said there had either been no change, or they’d started working remotely even more often.

70% of developers are using serverless

Last year we were caught by surprise that 46% of people said they have already tried out serverless technology. We expected that number to grow, but this year we were surprised again by quite how quickly that happened: now 70% of developers say they’ve at least tried serverless functions, and 35% say they are using it regularly. We’re very proud of Netlify Functions as an easy, scalable way to adopt serverless technology, so we’re delighted to hear so many people are diving into this technical revolution.

1 in 2 developers are using Next.js

This year React hit an astonishing new high in adoption, with 71% of developers in our survey saying they used it on many or most projects they worked on in the last 12 months. Right alongside React came the most popular framework for React, Next.js, which 47% of developers report using regularly in the last year. We have a lot of great data on how the framework space is evolving, including 11ty’s continued growth as the go-to static site generator and the rapid growth of newcomer Remix. Netlify also released an in-depth look at Next.js developers using our data recently.

The CMS space is in transition

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a critical part of many Jamstack architectures, so we’ve always closely followed developments in the space. This year WordPress remained the clear market leader but declined in usage share, while a host of challengers battled it out for second place including Contentful, Strapi, Sanity and newcomer Storyblok. It looks like the CMS space is in transition from WordPress to a new form, but who – or even whether – a single alternative will replace it is still up in the air.

More details, more nuance

With hundreds of thousands of data points over 3 years, we couldn’t possibly fit all the insights we’ve got into a single blog post. Look for our follow-up posts, or dive in yourself at And as usual, thank you to all of the thousands of community members who have taken part by providing this valuable community resource for years running.

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