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Top reasons to attend Jamstack Conf in San Francisco

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Top reasons to attend Jamstack Conf in San Francisco

We’re so excited for the return of Jamstack Conf on November 7 & 8! This will be our biggest conference yet. So what are the top reasons to join us this year?

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1. Incredible in-person content

Talks, lightning launches, panels, workshops, awards — this year’s Jamstack Conf has it all! Want to learn about edge rendering? Come learn it from Tim Benniks as he teaches us to build a modern composable Jamstack. Curious about the next evolution in responsive web design? Who better than Miriam Suzanne to teach us about container queries and units?

These incredible talks are just the tip of the iceberg. From 3-hour hands-on workshops with engineers from Remix, Cloudinary, & Uniform, to 2-minute “Jamsnacks” that provide you with digestible bits of cutting-edge topics, and everything in between, Jamstack Conf has the content to ensure that you and your engineers are up to date with the fast-moving technologies & architectures of the modern web.

2. In-person connections

After more than 2 years of zoom calls, it’s about time we bring the community back together in-person! Rather than changing tabs after watching a talk, why not chat directly with the speaker? Or discuss the topics with other attendees?

There’s something magical about bringing hundreds of like-minded people together in the same location. The conversations you have, the insights you discover, the laughs you share, the friends you make. And this year, with hundreds of engineers in attendance, you’ll be able to connect with more people than ever before!

3. Sponsors on the cutting edge of web development

The content doesn’t stop at the stage, and the connections don’t end at happy hour. Our sponsors including Storyblok, BigCommerce, Contentful, Stackbit, and so many more — are staffing their booths with senior engineers who are solving interesting problems. Plus, their API or service may be the thing your team has been looking for to solve a problem of your own!

4. Location & venue

We’re back in the heart of San Francisco! We’ve reserved a fantastic venue, SVN West, whose building footprint takes up an entire block! It’s conveniently located steps from BART (our subway) and MUNI (our light rail system), and also nearby tons of incredible restaurants, bars, cafes, and city sights. We’ve got the full building reserved, including the rooftop — which will host lots of networking and afterparties!

5. Have fun at the biggest party of the year!

If reasons one to four weren’t enough — we’ve wrapped this all up into a package that celebrates web developers like YOU! Enjoy connecting with your colleagues over coffee and delicious food (both healthy and the decadent), unwind after a long day with a brew and pet some rescue dogs (yes, seriously!), play lawn games, and mingle with some of the biggest names & brightest minds in web development!

Don’t miss your chance to take home an incredible experience, life-long connections, in addition to invaluable lessons you can apply within your own company. Register here, and we'll see you in San Francisco! Use code FIVE to get 40% off today!

PS - Scholarships for free and discounted tickets are also available! Apply here.

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