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Jamstack Innovation Fund Launches with the 10 Most Promising Jamstack Startups

News & Announcements

Jamstack Innovation Fund Launches with the 10 Most Promising Jamstack Startups

A little while ago we launched the Jamstack Innovation Fund – Netlify’s way to reinvest in the ecosystem of tools, APIs, and services for developers working to build a better web.

Today is the big next step. I’m proud to introduce the first 10 companies participating in the Jamstack Innovation Fund startup program!


We look forward to not only supporting these companies with a $100,000 investment each, but also an accelerator program completely free of charge. It includes startup advisory from industry leaders, product and integration support, and of course joint storytelling to the millions of members in the Jamstack community.

Meet the First 10 Jamstack Innovation Fund Companies

Please join me in welcoming ChiselStrike, Clerk, Clutch, Convex, Deno, Everfund, NuxtLabs, Snaplet, TakeShape, and Tigris Data into our first cohort of the Jamstack Innovation Fund Program. They represent some of the very best innovations of the modern web, and we’re super excited to have them part of our program.

They chimed in with why they joined below;

ChiselStrike is a prototype-to-production data platform.

“Netlify has set the standard for modern application deployments. This investment will enable ChiselStrike to add the data layer to that equation in an equally seamless way,” said Glauber Costa, CEO at ChiselStrike.

Clerk is the first authentication service purpose-built for Jamstack.

“Our participation in the Netlify Jamstack Innovation Fund furthers our commitment to the Jamstack ecosystem, and will allow us to create even faster ways for developers to build authentication,” said Colin Sidoti, co-founder at Clerk.

Clutch is a visual editor for Jamstack solutions.

“Netlify’s investment gives us the fuel we need to build the most powerful visual builder on the market, enabling developers to get from idea to production faster,” said Matthew Hager, CEO at Clutch.

Convex is a global state management platform.

“The Jamstack revolution was a big driver for Convex’s very existence. We’re broadening Netlify’s vision for Jamstack and believe that frontend engineers should be able to build dynamic applications without worrying about databases or scale,” said Jamie Turner, CEO at Convex.

Deno is a modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

“We’re committed to further improving the developer experience by joining forces with Netlify,” said Ryan Dahl, CEO at Deno.

Everfund is a developer-first nonprofit tool to build custom fundraising systems.

“At Everfund, we’re lowering the bar for developers to help nonprofits adapt to digitization. In our quest to become the go-to nonprofit tool for Jamstack developers, there’s no better partner than Netlify,” said Christopher Burns, CEO at Everfund.

NuxtLabs is making web development intuitive with NuxtJS, an open source framework for Vue.js.

“Our mission is to create the best experience for Vue developers. This investment and program will help us continue to deliver enterprise-grade solutions for the developers building the modern web,” said Alexandre Chopin, Chairman at NuxtLabs.

Snaplet is a tool for copying Postgres databases.

“We love how the Jamstack philosophy allows developers to focus on simply building product. This investment supports Snaplet’s efforts to deliver self-service database tooling that just works, enabling developers to focus on shipping code instead of debugging seed scripts,” said Peter Pistorius, CEO at Snaplet.

TakeShape is a GraphQL API mesh.

“Our mission is to move the web forward and the best way to do that is to accelerate the adoption of composable web architectures with Jamstack at the core. The community Netlify has nurtured is the foundation for builders like us to deliver on our mission,” said Mark Catalano, CEO at TakeShape.

Tigris Data is a zero-ops backend for web and mobile apps.

“We believe that the Jamstack ecosystem is at the center of the modern, open web. Support from Netlify will accelerate our mission to provide the fast, reliable and secure data layer that Jamstack applications need to thrive,” said Ovais Tariq, CEO at Tigris Data.

Program Benefits

The goal of the Jamstack Innovation Fund is to fuel a healthy, vibrant and diverse Jamstack ecosystem by providing funding, advisory services and awareness for early-stage startups. Are you an early-stage company driving forward the modern web with Jamstack-based tooling and practices? Learn more about applying to the Jamstack Innovation Fund and startup accelerator program.

Come build a better web with us!

Meet us at Jamstack Conf 2022

You can also register to join Netlify and the ecosystem at Jamstack Conf on November 7-8, 2022.

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