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How to launch composable web experiences in regulated industries

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How to launch composable web experiences in regulated industries

Trying to launch new web experiences in a regulated industry like finance, insurance, or healthcare?

These organizations have more stakeholders and require more buy-in than the early adopter crowd. So implementations can often look different, both in terms of project structure, technical stack, and the sorts of programs and governance that these projects can require.

One of Netlify's partners that has a great deal of experience in the space is VShift, an NYC-based agency that has worked with dozens of large organizations in regulated industries to launch substantial projects.

On April 25, VShift's Managing Director of Strategy and Growth, Eric Feige, joined a Netlify roundtable webinar to share their experience and playbook.

In VShift's experience, Feige says, the key to successfully driving change is to ship a "beacon" website, delivering large amounts of business value, in 60-90 days.

Technically, that's quite reasonable. Organizationally, that can be shockingly fast. Processes are typically geared around shipping in years, not months.

But it turns out there are a set of techniques, which Feige shared, that can be used to drive change quickly. These include:

  • find the right project with the right executive sponsor: In these industries, non-IT business executives are often brought in specifically to drive change. Within their portfolio, look for projects where stakeholders have urgency and are willing to color outside the box in order to ship in two or three months, rather than two years.
  • don't reinvent the wheel: Polishing and tweaking existing content is often far faster than starting from scratch, and you can use modern web tech with headless versions of monolithic tech to avoid having to reimplement a CMS.
  • co-create the vision: Lead UX, prototyping sessions, and hands-on workshops, along with an overarching stakeholder governance committee, can build momentum, excitement, and buy-in.

If you're in a regulated industry or large company, and you're trying to move towards the modern web, you'll find our conversation quite useful.

The full video, and link to transcript, are below.

Webinar Transcript: Launching Composable Web Experiences In Regulated Industries

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