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Make your nominations for the Jammies Awards, 2022

News & Announcements

Make your nominations for the Jammies Awards, 2022

Are you ready to get your Jammies again? Because we are! For the third time, we will be hosting annual Jammies awards ceremony, at Jamstack Conf.

Nominations for all award categories are now open, and the deadline to submit your nominations is September 23rd!

What are “The Jammies”?

The Jammies was created in order to recognize innovative projects, new products, and community organizers who are pushing the Jamstack ecosystem forward. It is built by and for the Jamstack community, so we’re stoked to showcase all the incredible work being done within the ecosystem!

Road to the Jammies

September: Nominations

You can nominate yourself, your colleagues or esteemed community members. The nomination form is brief, but be prepared to share a short description of why you think the person or project is worthy of recognition. Any links, stats or anecdotes are greatly appreciated!

Deadline to nominate is September 23rd.

October: Community Voting

After your nominations, we will select the top 5 nominees from each category and put them up for community voting on the Jamstack Conf website. Of course the community will decide who goes home with the Jammies trophies.

November: Celebrating Winners at Jamstack Conf

What better way to celebrate the community than at Jamstack Conf?! We'll announce winners throughout the conference.

Register for Jamstack Conf now and join live on November 7th and 8th for the results.

What categories are open for nomination?

This year, we’ve expanded from six award categories to eight, in order to recognize the incredible work being done within the ecosystem.

Social Impact Award

We’ve seen the Jamstack community step up to support many causes, from health crises to social justice and more. This award recognizes a project or team who helped deliver valuable and important resources in service of the community, and for the betterment of society.

👉 Last year’s winner: The a11y project

Ecosystem Innovation Award

For extending the power and reach of the Jamstack ecosystem, with an outstanding service that empowers developers and drives innovation.

👉 Last year’s winner: Astro

Jamstack Project of the Year

For outstanding achievement in delivering best-in-class experiences to customers through innovative use of technologies across the Jamstack and its ecosystem. In particular, we want to highlight projects that are pushing the boundaries of the Jamstack to deliver full-service or “fullstack” web applications.

👉 Last year’s winner: Twilio Console

Jamstack Agency Of The Year

This new category will recognize a firm who delivers excellent digital experiences for clients, with an emphasis on education and delivery of Jamstack solutions.

👉 Last year’s winner: Bejamas

Live Streamer of the Year

This is a category awarded to an individual who creates regular, innovative and outstanding Jamstack content for the community via live streaming.

👉 Last year’s winner: Salma Alam-Naylor

Disclaimer: We hired Salma into our DX team some time after this, but this is not our standard hiring process 😉

Video Creator of the Year

This is a new category to award an individual who releases regular, innovative and outstanding Jamstack content for the community via recorded media.

Podcast of the Year

This is a new category created to recognize an individual or team that runs a regular, informative and outstanding podcast centered on front end technologies, Jamstack and the modern web.

Personal Website of the year

This is a new category that aims to recognize an individual whose personal Jamstack site is the source of creative and technical inspiration.

Nominate now. Vote soon.

Now is the time to get your nominations submitted and also to register for the conference.

For announcements about the finalists, and when the voting opens, follow @jamstackconf on Twitter.

Good luck to all the Jammies nominees!

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