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Netlify CMS to Become Decap CMS: What You Need to Know

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Netlify CMS to Become Decap CMS: What You Need to Know

Netlify CMS has long been a flexible content management system for users, but opportunities still exist to further customize and extend its capabilities. To ensure continued support, investments, and maintenance both the product and the community deserve, we have decided to transfer ownership of Netlify CMS to one of our trusted agency partners, PM.

This move is part of Netlify's broader strategic shift towards becoming a more versatile platform for composable architecture. By allowing other composable elements to be integrated more seamlessly, Netlify can focus on being the centerpiece platform that provides even more customization and flexibility. As part of this change, Netlify CMS will be rebranded as Decap CMS and will now be fully maintained and developed as an open source project by PM.

PM. is a trusted agency partner of Netlify with a wealth of experience in the industry. As part of the transition, PM will roll out npm packages with updated names as well as taking over Netlify CMS socials, including Twitter and GitHub, and inheriting the Git repos, Netlify CMS website, and other related assets.

While this move may come as a surprise to some users, it's important to remember that it is part of Netlify's broader strategy to become an even more powerful and versatile platform. Users of Decap CMS can expect to enjoy the same high-quality product they've come to love, with even more investment and development.

You can find the CMS on GitHub and also on Slack.

Please join us in welcoming them to the project and help them get settled in as new stewards!

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