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Netlify Feature Toolbox Template for Next.js

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Netlify Feature Toolbox Template for Next.js

We're excited to bring you a Next.js template to help you get started with some Netlify features you might need to make the site of your dreams, or at least the one your team's been on your case to build for the past two weeks. We added the code to form the ground work for Netlify Functions, forms, and redirects.

There are a couple ways for you to make this template yours:

  • This handy button that will create a new GitHub repo and Netlify project for you

Deploy to Netlify Button

  • Click the 'Use this template' button at the top of the project repo to clone the repo or clone it in your terminal (git clone

  • Even more fun (if your version of fun is coding in the terminal, and of course it is) you can use the Netlify CLI command netlify sites:create-template to walk through the process of creating a new repo, Netlify project and deploying it.

Next Steps

Get it? Yup, hope what you create is way better than that awful joke. I'm sure it will be. Can't wait to see! Please let us know anything that you would like to, either in the project repo, via Twitter @Netlify, or by emailing us at Happy coding 👩🏻‍💻!

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