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Netlify Functions Region Selection

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Netlify Functions Region Selection

Today, we are expanding Netlify Functions with the ability to select the region where your functions are deployed. This will enable you to optimize the performance of your applications by bringing your backend closer to your data, reducing the time it takes to process requests.

The Power of Regional Deployment

Reducing latency and improving application performance is critical for delivering a seamless user experience. With the new Netlify Functions Region Selection feature, you can now choose the geographic location where your functions run. This allows your application logic to be closer to your databases and other backend services, significantly reducing the time it takes to process requests. By co-locating your serverless functions in physical proximity to your data, you can reduce the round-trip time for data retrieval, resulting in faster response times for your users.

In addition, this can help you adhere to specific data residency requirements due to regulations by ensuring sensitive data is processed within the required regions. Selecting where to deploy your functions allows you to meet data sovereignty and compliance requirements by ensuring that your data remains within specific geographic boundaries.

By allowing you to choose the deployment region for your functions, we empower you to optimize your application's performance and meet compliance requirements effortlessly. Whether running an e-commerce site, a content-heavy platform, or a data-intensive application, choosing where to run your serverless functions can make a substantial difference.

Try It Out Today

We invite you to try out the power of Netlify Functions Region Selection on serverless functions on Netlify today. To access your site settings, navigate to the ‘Build & Deploy’ section to find a new card for functions configuration.

By default, your function will be deployed to ‘US East,’ and you'll have a range of regions to select if you need to. By taking advantage of this feature, you can enhance your application's performance and deliver a better user experience. Start reducing latency and boosting the reliability of your applications today with Netlify Functions Region Selection.

To learn more, head over to our docs page for details on the regions available for Netlify functions and other features. As we continue expanding our capabilities, we'll keep adding regions for you to deploy to.

Get started today and let us know about your experience. Do you have questions or need assistance? Our support team is here to help. Reach out to us through our support portal or our vibrant community forum.

Also, make sure to tune in to Netlify Compose next week to listen to the latest in modern web development by registering to listen virtually at this link.

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