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Password Protection for Non-Production Deploys

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Password Protection for Non-Production Deploys

Netlify has provided the ability to password-protect all site contexts on Pro plans and beyond for some time now. And now, we’re providing even more options to password-protect branch deploys and Deploy Previews. Customers on Pro plans or above can now restrict visitor access on non-production site deploys with a simple password.

You can specify whether you want to protect your entire site, or only its non-production deploys.

How to add a password for your Netlify site, or non-production deploys

Validate Releases with Password-Protected Deploys

Password-protected private deploys to Netlify give you the opportunity to share your upcoming releases with your team before the rest of the world has access to them.

Let’s say you don’t want the world to see the marked up versions of your deploy, with comments from everyone in your organization, before it's pushed to production. You can easily password-protect your private deploys and share with the team members for approval.

Here are a couple of other examples of where password-protection for non-production deploys can be used:

  • Branch deploys, such as a staging branch
  • Any branch deploy URLs, including those configured with a subdomain through Netlify DNS
  • Work-in-progress Pull Requests

Site protection for every need

If you are on our Pro plan, give password-protected private deploys a try today! If not, take a moment to look at the benefits of this and other Netlify Pro plan features to see how we can help unlock your team’s productivity!

Keep an eye out for additional site protection options landing soon.

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