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Shipping with integrity: Introducing a new verification system on Netlify

News & Announcements

Shipping with integrity: Introducing a new verification system on Netlify

Netlify is the enterprise choice for the composable web through years of partnership with our strong developer community. We want everyone to be able to ship incredible digital experiences on Netlify, but we also want to protect the integrity of our platform and enterprise customers. In response to the evolving threat landscape, Netlify has introduced a new verification system that automatically flags and prevents potentially malicious or spam actors from spinning up web properties. Our new automated verification process is a mechanism that allows for incorrectly flagged accounts or users to take additional steps to quickly and easily verify their identity to unlock access without the need to speak with a member of our support team. This new verification system helps to ensure that content hosted on Netlify meets our integrity standards and in turn makes our platform more safe and more secure in line with our mission of building a better web.

The need for enhanced security

In an era marked by technological advancements and the proliferation of digital platforms, the need for enhanced security measures is paramount. While online interactions offer unparalleled convenience, they can also expose users to potential risks such as identity theft, unauthorized access, malicious intent, abusive content, and fraudulent activities. In an effort to raise the bar and continue to keep our customers, and the web, more safe and secure, our newly launched automated fraud detection mechanism works similar to a credit score. Automated decisions are based on the overall trustworthiness of the inbound connection. Recognizing the challenges that came with keeping our platform too open and the challenges that came with requiring a manual process to unlock incorrectly flagged accounts, Netlify has taken a proactive step to de-risk our platform to mitigate the temptation of bad actors using our platform for activities that can cause harm to others.

Unlocking the power of automated verification

Our newly introduced verification system is an enhanced security solution designed to provide an additional layer of protection for both our platform and the customers who depend on it. We both recognize the need for and have decided to automate the process of locking down potentially abusive, malicious, or spam usage of our platform - most notably, on our starter tier.

Before, users who had their accounts flagged would have to reach out support and interact with a human member of our team in order to unblock their account and continue using the platform. Now, with our new system in place, individuals are empowered to verify their identity in a self-service manner. This means the folks that were incorrectly flagged can immediately unlock access to their account and keep building. This new verification flow not only safeguards users' personal information, but also maintains the integrity of their interactions within our ecosystem to help build a better, safer web for everyone.

How our new automated verification process works

The process is seamless and user-friendly. When an account in the starter tier is marked for potential fraudulent behavior, the user will be prompted to undergo verification that involves a few simple steps to securely confirm the user's identity. Once completed, users can regain access to their accounts with the confidence that their personal information remains protected.

Key benefits of our new verification system

  • Enhanced security: Verify acts as a shield against fraudulent activities, offering an extra layer of defense for users' accounts and personal data.
  • User empowerment: By enabling users to verify their identity, we put the control back in their hands, allowing them to take charge of their online security.
  • Preserving trust: In the age of zero trust, Verify reinforces Netlify's commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy platform for all users.
  • Reduced disruption: Instead of suspending accounts or interrupting user experiences due to potential fraudulent behavior, Verify streamlines the process, minimizing any inconvenience.
  • Tailored for Starter Tier: Recognizing that users in the starter tier might be more vulnerable, Verify is tailored to their needs, offering them peace of mind as they embark on their journey with Netlify.

Our commitment to maintaining digital integrity

At Netlify, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our new approach to automated verification to help eliminate abuse and fraudulent behaviors on our platform exemplifies our dedication to developing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our users, while also safeguarding their security and privacy. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we continue to set new industry standards, without adding any friction to our user experience.

In a digital age where security breaches and fraudulent activities pose significant threats, our new approach to automated verification emerges as a beacon of trust, providing users and businesses the confidence to engage with and build on our platform without hesitation.

We look forward to helping build a future where online interactions are safe, secure, seamless, and empowering for everyone.

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