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Taking Gatsby to New Heights: Embracing Adaptability and Openness

Netlify and Gatsby.js logos

News & Announcements

Taking Gatsby to New Heights: Embracing Adaptability and Openness

Netlify and Gatsby.js logos

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, frameworks play a huge role in empowering developers to create stunning websites and applications. Gatsby is just one of the many frameworks available to developers to choose from. It already offers a variety of rendering solutions, is able to pull data from many sources, and helps developers to build progressive web applications.

Now, Gatsby is going to offer even more! At Netlify, we are convinced that both stability and openness are critical for the ultimate viability of a framework, particularly as a choice for real-world projects for clients, businesses, and in the enterprise. It is vital that you can trust the frameworks you select to be stable and to be portable. We don’t think frameworks should impose large rewrites of your code, or lock you in to a particular platform vendor.

Stability, transparency, and composability are key focuses for Gatsby, and as one of our first steps towards this, we are delighted to introduce adapters.

The Power of Adapters

Adapters act as bridges, enabling seamless integrations between Gatsby and external services or platforms. Whether you want to host sites on Netlify (hint, we write the adapter for you!), AWS, or anywhere else, adapters make this possible. This adaptability empowers developers to harness the full potential of Gatsby while building their projects without being tied to a specific set of tools.

Expanding Horizons

Developers have access to a wide range of deployment options tailored to their specific requirements. By embracing adapters, Gatsby opens doors to new opportunities and fosters innovation within the web development community.

Streamlining Developer Experience

Gatsby's adapter system goes beyond simply integrating with external services. It also aims to enhance the developer experience by providing a unified interface and consistent workflow. Adapters offer standardized APIs and configurations, making it easier for developers to work with different services while maintaining a familiar Gatsby environment. This seamless integration reduces the learning curve, accelerates development speed, and empowers developers to focus on creating exceptional user experiences.

The Future is Open

At Netlify we’ve long embraced and want to protect the open nature of the web. By making Gatsby even more open, we reinforce our commitment to the developer community. The framework's adapters are not limited to a closed ecosystem, allowing developers to contribute and create their own adapters for specific services or platforms. This openness fosters collaboration, empowers innovation, and ensures that Gatsby remains at the forefront of web development.

Request for Comments

If you want to see what we are proposing, have a play around, and offer comments then check out our RFC on GitHub. We look forward to hearing from you!

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