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Up to 40% faster build times for developers on all plans

News & Announcements

Up to 40% faster build times for developers on all plans

Have you noticed speedier build times lately? It’s not your imagination! Netlify builds are now faster across the board for all developers on all plan types. On top of these cross-cutting optimizations, we also allotted even more processor cores and memory resources for developers on paid plans, Pro and above.

For the highest level of build performance, Netlify also offers a High-Performance Build solution with 99.9% uptime SLA for customers on Enterprise plans.

Read on to learn about how we improved build times across plans.

Moving build times down and to the right

To improve build times, we made a number of changes focused on our infrastructure and cache handling.

First, we reworked our cache saving and fetching steps, making it faster all around and more reliable. We also improved support for big cache artifacts. Lots of sites have many thousands of pages and other artifacts to cache. These large sites were hitting some limits, impacting the time of that build and subsequent builds. With these cache changes, we’re supporting the most demanding cases and improving the performance of all builds.

We also updated our underlying infrastructure to newer and faster machines, while adding more clusters for the builds to run. In addition to just running your builds faster, this increases our availability to scale up, reduces time to enqueue builds, and allows us more flexibility in the future.

Finally, we've given more CPU and memory resources for all tiers! Before, standard builds had up to 2 processor cores and up to 6GB of memory. Now Netlify’s Starter plan includes 4 processor cores and 8GB of memory, and it only gets better for paid plans.

As we've rolled out these changes to every Netlify account, we've been measuring the performance improvements in production. Here are some results:


Even faster builds for developers on Pro and above

Until now, all of Netlify’s self-service plans shared the same basic build configurations.

Historically, upgrading your Netlify plan would allow you to improve certain facets, like build concurrency, or unlock certain features, like build prioritization. But, the only way to meaningfully improve your build speeds would have been adding High-Performance Build, a special product only available on Enterprise plans.

Now developers can benefit from a meaningful improvement in build resources when they upgrade from a Starter plan to a Pro plan or above. High-Performance Build remains available for teams that need the maximum concurrency and processing power, along with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Check out the Netlify pricing page for more details about build features in each plan.

Are you feeling the faster build times?

How much faster are your Netlify builds? Have you noticed a difference in recent weeks? What questions do you have? We’d love to hear from you on our forums at:

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