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Thinking about going Composable? We've created a collection of conversations with our customers, technology and agency partners, who have ‘been there, done that’ and are sharing their experience and learnings in building Composable and Headless platforms. Listen, learn and share!

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Can composable architecture simplify enterprise tech ecosystems?

Hannah Gropp shares Sitecore's vision for enabling builders to innovate with AI capabilities on their platform. She reflects on Sitecore’s own composable journey, citing increased speed, options and modernization. Hannah highlights the success of tackling capabilities incrementally versus one big overhaul.

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Sitecore interview

Can composable architecture simplify enterprise tech ecosystems?

Featuring Hannah Grap, Sitecore

Length: 8 minutes

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How can composable architecture help frontend architects adapt rapidly?

Featuring Bill Watson, Frontend Software Architect at Navan

Length: 8 minutes

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Zephyr Cloud interview

How to get alignment between teams when adopting composable architecture?

Featuring Zack Chapple, Co-Founder & CEO of Zephyr Cloud

Length: 8 minutes

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LastRev interview

How a small dev team was able to migrate 60k pages to composable architecture?

Featuring Adam Harris Co-founder of Last Rev

Length: 5 minutes

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Cloudinary interview

How can composable architecture overcome complex tech challenges?

Featuring Jim Bennette, Senior Director Channels at Cloudinary

Length: 11 minutes

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Orium interview

How to use composable architecture for faster feature delivery?

Featuring Jason Cottrell, CEO of Orium

Length: 6 minutes

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How does composable architecture helps devs work faster?

Featuring Tim Peterson, Frontend Developer at ANWB

Length: 4 minutes

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What are the benefits of composable architecture over monoliths?

Featuring Eric Feige Martinez, Managing Director, Strategy of VShift

Length: 10 minutes

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How can composable architecture accelerate time-to-market?

Featuring Filippo Conforti, founder of Commerce Layer

Length: 12 minutes

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rvo health interview

How has RVO Health used composable architecture to help 100M people a month?

Featuring Ryan McKenna, Staff Engineer at RVO Health

Length: 7 minutes

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