Netlify Compose 2023 Code of Conduct

Welcome! We strive to make Netlify Compose 2023 a friendly, welcoming, judgment- and harassment-free event for individuals to learn, connect, and grow together.

As a diverse, global community, we have members from every gender, sexuality, gender expression, race, ethnicity, tribal background, religious affiliation, citizenship and nationality, age, physical ability, educational background, experience level that you can think of - and want everyone to feel welcome at this event, whether attending in person, or virtually via the live stream!

It's not only our hope, but our expectation, that you'll abide by these three basic ground rules not only at this event, but also at the social events that may take place afterward, or adjacent this or any conference we organize:

We approach interactions with thoughtfulness and care.

We are patient & kind to others. We don't dismiss someone because they have a different level of experience, are of a different background, or have a difference of opinion than us.

We are respectful when we disagree with someone.

There is a human in front of us. We don’t allow frustration to turn into a personal attack. A community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one. We are collectively responsible for each other.

We work to correct mistakes when they occur.

No one is expected to always be perfect or to know everything - sometimes even good intentions have unwanted outcomes. But how we respond to criticism is important. If someone criticizes our conduct, or points out ways we have harmed someone, we listen without taking it personally, and work towards a resolution - together.

We will not tolerate the following:

If someone has said or done something that violates this code of conduct, please refer to the Resolving Code of Conduct Violations section below.

Resolving Code of Conduct Violations

If something has happened that excludes you or is making you have a bad experience, here is what should happen next.

In the moment

As soon as possible

After the fact

Organizers are familiar with this Code of Conduct and will take reports of CoC violations seriously. They will ask you details such as:

You can help us by giving us as much detail as you can about what occurred. Organizers will work with staff to evaluate what happened, inform the person(s) in question that a violation was reported, and establish next steps.


This Code of Conduct covers a variety of different spaces of interaction.

If you'd like to report a CoC violation that happens...

Depending on the severity of the issue, the person may receive a last-chance warning, may be asked to leave the virtual or physical event, or may receive a future ban. In very severe cases, we reserve the right to involve law enforcement should we feel it necessary.

Tickets or other participation fees won't be refunded for people who are removed for CoC violations.