The marketer’s guide to composable architecture for ecommerce websites

Explanation, benefits, and examples

Ecommerce Updating your site shouldn't be an obstacle.

Do you know if your organization is currently leveraging a composable architecture? Or a headless CMS? Structured content? While the way we build websites is often decided by our engineering teams, marketers have a lot to gain.

Image showing the cover of the guide and some diagrams within it

In this guide, we’ll uncover how a composable architecture for ecommerce websites helps marketers overcome inefficient handoffs and revision cycles with their dev team, launch campaigns quickly and autonomously, and most importantly, deliver differentiated experiences from their competitors. 


  • What composable architecture is—generally

  • How composable architecture works (through a simple analogy)

  • The benefits as they pertain to marketers

  • Common ecommerce use cases relevant to marketers

Take back ownership of your site's look and feel.