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21YunBox is the market-leading Chinese web deployment platform for enterprises. We help enterprises accelerate their web technologies in China compliantly.


Deploy to China straight from your Netlify Dashboard

How 21YunBox and Netlify Work Together

Getting complaints about slow speeds for your Jamstack site in China?

You are not alone, many popular Western technologies you use daily such as Github, Google, Contentful, and others, don’t work in mainland China.

Netlify has partnered with 21YunBox to bring Netlify users a simple and compliant solution to accelerate your organization’s site in China.


21YunBox is your Netlify solution for China.
China shouldn't be complicated. 21YunBox provides your team with a better experience in China and ensures the great firewall doesn’t slow your business down in China anymore.

21YunBox’s team of english-speaking China experts are here to help you with every step. Before you can legally deploy your Jamstack site into China, our legal experts will do all the heavy lifting to make sure your site is fully compliant with China’s strict rules and regulations.

Once you are China compliant, 21YunBox’s China Solution Architects and Engineers are here to help ensure your favorite technologies are working fast and compliant in China.

Use Cases

China Compliance

  • Following the laws should not be complicated in China. We help you pick the right permits and licenses best for your business.

21YunBox Build

  • Github doesn't work out-of-the-box in China. We bring Github and CI/CD workflow to China with our Build system with no habit changes for China.

21YunBox China Edge

  • 21YunBox’s blazing-fast network works for web apps in China. China by default. Multi‑cloud by design.

China Website Hosting

  • 21YunBox’s China-side hosting service, fully compliant with Chinese law, is the default, and you deliver faster without downsides.

China Video Hosting

  • Foreign video hosting providers work great globally but not in China. 21YunBox Video Hosting delivers high-speed video experience in China. Fully compliant with Chinese laws.

DXP & CMS Integrations

  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) and CMSs do not support China by default. With 21YunBox, we bring back your favorite DXP or CMS in China, with high-speed and fully compliant with Chinese laws.