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Serverless pub/sub messaging, which scales reliably with your needs, delivered at the edge over WebSockets.

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Add realtime data to your Netlify projects with Ably.



Ably makes it simple for developers to build live experiences for millions of people. Our platform provides a highly available, massively scalable, low latency, globally distributed WebSockets infrastructure - at the call of an API.

We provide serverless pub/sub messaging with unique data integrity guarantees, delivered at the edge over WebSockets. Our highly reliable, elastic infrastructure was specifically designed for building high-scale realtime web and mobile apps. We free engineers to focus on building core functionality, rather than having to provision and maintain WebSocket servers and cloud infrastructure.

You’ve probably already experienced Ably’s technology without knowing it. Developers at companies like HubSpot, Spotify, Toyota, and Webflow use our APIs and global edge network. We power many use cases from business-critical live chat, mobile gaming, financial data streaming, to food order delivery tracking or document collaboration, for more than 300 million people each month.

Use Cases

Chat Apps at Scale

  • In-app live chat, whether that's direct, group or large-scale, helps users communicate instantly and stay connected with each other. Users have come to expect this functionality across all aspects of life such as in EdTech, healthcare, virtual events, e-commerce and gaming.

Virtual Events & Audience Engagement

  • Easily build engaging realtime features such as chat, multi-user spaces, polls/quizzes/Q&A, gamification, and live reactions that delight participants and will make your virtual event memorable.

Live updates, results & metrics

  • In today's fast paced world, users expect live data to keep them informed. Reliably deliver live information to millions of edge devices, with data integrity guarantees.

GPS location tracking

  • Give your users more visibility with easy to integrate realtime asset tracking across last mile logistics, food delivery applications, and urban mobility services.

Charts and dashboards

  • Build charts that enable your users to share and monitor live data such as in multiplayer game leaderboards.