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Design to code, automated. Turn Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch into React, Vue, or HTML code.

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Teams building MVPs, POCs, Sales demos, High-end websites, and anything Front-end, take a huge shortcut using Anima.

Using Anima, Developers can skip the grunt work of coding UI from scratch.

Designers can export developer-friendly React, Vue, or HTML code, straight from Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch.

Teams can deliver better apps and websites with a fraction of the time and resources.

Tens of thousands of teams used Anima to get 10x faster to production!

Use Cases

Landing pages that are pixel-perfect in no time

  • Building a new campaign and need pixel-perfect landing pages just like in Figma?
  • Turn Figma to HTML with Anima and deploy to Netlify in minutes.
  • Add videos, GIFs, lottie files, hover effects, and transitions - all in Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch, and use Anima to export HTML/CSS.

Enterprises building a new React.js web client

  • Go live 2x faster with Anima setting up your main flows automatically.
  • Many teams lack React.js skills, coming from C#, Java, Swift, etc., and Anima is a huge shortcut.
  • Anima will turn your designs into a working React application with a few clicks.
  • Developers add logic and connect APIs using Next.js and deploy to Netlify.

Sales demos based on code are as real as it gets

  • Sales teams often need custom experience for clients, before significant R&D efforts start. Anima turns your design into code automatically, and you may or may not wire it to real data with a small developer effort.
  • Netlify is classic to host such applications and connect a subdomain to white-label it.

Startups going live with an MVP asap

  • Jumpstart with Figma+Anima and create a beautiful & responsive React.js web UI. Startups go live 10x faster with Anima, as no legacy code is usually involved.
  • In addition, Anima offers the use of popular libraries such as Ant-design, MUI, React-based charts, and more, right inside Figma!
  • Turn your design into clean code using Anima, connect your backend, and deploy to Netlify.