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Visual Diff (Applitools)
Require visual changes on production to be manually approved before going live!



Applitools was founded by software developers on a mission to shorten the release cycles of their product. The Applitools platform includes AI-powered computer vision algorithms that emulate the human eye and brain, that can instantly analyze entire application pages and report differences only visible to the human eye. Break down images into their layout and structure and automatically detect similar differences across different pages of your app running on different browsers and devices.

Use Cases

Visual Testing

  • Applitools Eyes hooks right into your favorite testing frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, and more or low code tools like and Selenium IDE. This allows you to add visual tests with a single line of code that can verify a nearly infinite amount of items during regression testing.

Cross Browser Testing

  • Cross browser testing at scale has never been faster. The Applitools Ultrafast Grid run your visual tests on hundreds of different browsers, screen-sizes, and orientations in just minutes by using AI to re-render each viewport for maximum reliability and accuracy.