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Axiom Log Drains
Log Drains allow you to connect site traffic logs and function logs from Netlify’s CDN to Axiom for analysis, alerting, and data persistence.



Connect Axiom with Netlify Log Drains to get deeper observability experience for your Netlify projects.

You can easily monitor website traffic logs and function logs via our pre-built dashboard. Our Zero-Config Observability experience provides visibility into key metrics coming from your applications including errors, performance, and usage. All your data, delivered in real time, without any sampling.

And that's just the start, with Axiom you can monitor your Netlify applications even as you sleep with full monitoring and alerting.

Use Cases

Track performance over time and across deployments

  • Teams can use Axiom to monitor key metrics showing how their applications are evolving over time with Axiom's long term and always-available querying. There is no archive in Axiom, all your data is available, all the time.

Track function performance and errors

  • With deep integration not only via Netlify Log Drains but also via SDKs for your favourite language, Axiom gives you a 360 degree view of every single function call.

24/7 Monitoring

  • Monitor performance and robustness via monitors and connect to many alert providers including Email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more.