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App and browser testing made easy.

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BrowserStack Collaborative Deploy Preview
Collaborative Deploy Previews let you and your team add, review, and manage feedback for your site. This integration helps sync your comments with BrowserStack.


Testing in the DevOps cycle is getting increasingly complex. Currently, there are 4 billion active users accessing the internet through 9,000 distinct devices, 21 different operating systems, and 8 major browser engines. Companies, both big and small need to ensure their websites and apps render as intended so customers like you have a good user experience, regardless of the device you view it in.

BrowserStack’s cloud platform helps remove that complexity. BrowserStack provides developer teams instant access to a cloud platform that allows them to comprehensively test their websites and mobile apps for functionality, performance, and visual appeal so they can release bug-free software faster and at scale.

Use Cases

Live Testing

  • Interactive cross-browser testing.

Testing Automation

  • Selenium testing at scale.
  • Run your UI test suite in minutes with parallelization on a real browser and device cloud. Test on every commit without slowing down releases, and catch bugs early.

Visual Testing (Percy)

  • Integrate Percy into your existing CI/CD pipeline and review visual changes with every commit.