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More than just a “sign-in box”. Integrate complete user management UIs and APIs in minutes — built specifically for React, Next.js and The Modern Web.

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Clerk Starter
The Clerk B2C template on Netlify makes it simple to launch a production-ready B2C application with authentication and user management, that can scale to millions of users



Clerk was born out of frustration with existing Authentication platforms not solving the entire problem. Clerk gives you everything you need to build the authentication and user management part of any type of app — B2C, B2B, FinTech, Web3 and more.

Use Cases

Configurable authentication options

  • Choose from any combination of email links, email codes, SMS phone codes, passwords, 30+ social providers, Web3 wallets, and more.
  • Give your users MFA with TOTP, Authenticator apps, SMS, backup codes.

B2B SaaS features

  • “Organization” object, RBAC, Invitation flows, and more.

Pre-built components

  • and lets you create a powerful sign in and registration flow in just a few lines of code.
  • and gives your users a dashboard to manage their account, self-serve MFA and more.
  • and gives you what you need to build out your B2B SaaS quickly and cleanly.
  • Completely customizable with the CSS library of choice and localizable to any language. Clerk’s theming engine is one of the most powerful and intuitive out there.

Powerful APIs

  • Clerk’s components are built with the same APIs available to you. Don’t like something in our components? You have complete control to build your own experience.

Built for the Modern Web

  • React, NextJS 13, Remix, SSR, edge functions, etc. Building for the web has changed for the better. Clerk seamlessly fits in.

Secure session management

  • Session revocability, <1ms session validation, customizable session duration, multi-device management, custom JWTs, and more.

Admin Dashboard

  • Impersonate your users for support, ban problematic users, manage your users info and reset their passwords.