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CloudCannon is a Git-based visual CMS that empowers content teams to edit and build pages with an intuitive and configurable interface.

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Cloud Cannon Setup Guide
Netlify Hosting with CloudCannon Editing


CloudCannon is a visual CMS that gives content teams full autonomy on a developer-approved tech stack. As a Git-based CMS, your team stays in sync with a unified workflow — developers push changes directly to Git, and editors build pages visually using custom components in an intuitive interface.

CloudCannon for Developers: Enjoy the security and ease of Git principles such as branching, versioning, and continuous development. Build locally, then push to your Git provider and automatically sync changes to content editors.

CloudCannon for Editors: Create and edit pages visually within CloudCannon’s interface, share with your team on a fully functioning preview site and then publish content live with a push of a button.

Use Cases

Marketing Sites, Blogs, Documentation sites and more

  • CloudCannon understands the need for marketing and content teams to easily and intuitively create new pages. These non-technical teams have the ability to make these edits visually with custom components, while gaining all of the performance benefits that static sites offer.

Open source tools
-CloudCannon works at providing a range of open-source tools to help improve both the developer and end user’s web experience.

  • Bookshop: create component-driven development workflows
  • Pagefind: a static search tool that scales
  • Reseed: integrate multiple sites into a single domain
  • Rosey: manage translations for localization and i18n
  • Pagebreak: granular configuration for site pagination