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The world’s most evolved cloud SQL database — giving all of your apps effortless scale, bulletproof resilience and low latency performance for users anywhere.

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CockroachDB Setup Guide
Deploy a Netlify App Built on CockroachDB


Cockroach Labs re-wrote the database from scratch for the demands of today’s data-driven world. And we architected it to scale elastically, so it’s prepared to handle the demands of tomorrow. We created CockroachDB to unshackle teams from the constraints of their database and make data easy. Cloud-native, open-source, and indestructible—CockroachDB makes it easier to build and scale apps. It gives companies the freedom to serve customers anywhere. And it’s backed by world-class documentation and dedicated support.

Use Cases

Multi-region Deployments

  • Begin by storing data in a single cloud region, and expand to multiple cloud regions (and even clouds) as needed—all with a single logical CockroachDB database and without changing your application. With CockroachDB and Netlify Functions, applications can read and write dynamic data with low latency across the globe.

Elastic, Efficient Scale

  • Every CockroachDB node can service both reads and writes so that you can scale query throughput and database capacity by simply adding more endpoints. As demand shifts, CockroachDB detects hotspots and intelligently distributes data to maintain performance. Together CockroachDB and Netlify Functions completely eliminate the dev ops burden of manual sharding for elastic scale.

Pay as you Go

  • CockroachDB Serverless is the fully-managed, ops-free deployment method used by hundreds of developers for their applications. With CockroachDB Serverless and Netlify Functions, developers only pay for the storage and compute resources their application uses — never paying for idle machines again.