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Delight your users, eliminate UX friction.

  • DevTools


CommandBar plugin for websites deployed to Netlify.



The CommandBar widget is a searchable index of your app's features and content. This simple idea drives step-change improvement in UX, from new users to power users. Onboarding nudges, effective search, and relevant help content — all in one blazingly-fast widget. Never lose a user again because they struggled to learn your product.

Use Cases

Turbocharging Existing Help Content

  • CommandBar makes all of your existing content — articles, blogs, instructional videos — searchable and nudgeable, plus presents them directly in-app. This means higher view rates, more self-support, and better user education without any new content creation on your part.

Nudging Users Down Happy Paths

  • Use powerful segmentation to show users context-aware recommendations based on who they are, where they are, and the parts of your product you want to highlight most.

Adding Universal Search

  • CommandBar is a beautiful, configurable frontend for content search as well as action search. Connect your existing search backend (like Algolia or Elastic) or database, and CommandBar can give your users filters and rich previews, alongside action search.

Driving Usage to the Best Features

  • Your users need an easy and fast way to find any features by just searching. Whether they’re new users looking for something specific or power users exploring a new use case.

Connect your Existing Stack

  • CommandBar becomes more useful when connected to each layer of your UX stack. Connect data sources for search, sync your help center, and send CommandBar-generated events to wherever your product data lives.