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Contentsquare moves beyond traditional analytics to enable an unprecedented understanding of the customer experience.


We're on a mission to empower you to create better experiences. Our digital experience analytics platform analyzes billions of digital behaviors, providing unique metrics, visualizations, and recommendations that every team can use to increase revenue, engagement, and growth.

Use Cases

Digital Marketers

  • Make sense of billions of visitor behaviors to improve conversion, increase content consumption, and personalize the customer journey.

Analytics Teams

  • Surface high-fidelity insights faster and quantify the impact of those insights on your business. Empower your team with rich visualizations to help answer the questions internal stakeholders are asking.


  • Take the guesswork out of eCommerce conversion rate optimization. Make smarter, faster decisions that drive online sales.

Operations & IT

  • Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback, errors, and frustration on your digital properties, and quantify the impact on your top line. Align the team around a single version of the truth.

Product Teams

  • Contentsquare helps product teams find "aha!" moments by unlocking the full picture of user behavior. Ship better products that maximize engagement and growth.