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The reactive backend-as-a-service for web developers.

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Convex Setup Guide
Global state management on Netlify with Convex.



Convex is a complete backend-as-a-service for building full stack apps. Instead of worrying about databases and servers, you just import Convex’s library into your app, write some JavaScript, and you’re done.

Queries in Convex are full JavaScript functions, allowing you to easily express your application logic. These queries can also be used as end-to-end subscriptions that live update your browser components whenever data changes.

Convex backends come with a console for manually inspecting and modifying database state. Convex automatically handles caching and scaling, has schemas and indexes for safety, and end-to-end type support with TypeScript when you're ready for it.

Use Cases

Convex ❤️ JavaScript

  • Interact with Convex in plain old JavaScript. No SQL, no GraphQL. Convex cloud functions are a natural extension of how your app already manages state.

Reactive and Realtime

  • No need to poll for changes or manage data between your React components and your backend. With a simple useQuery hook Convex instantly updates your components whenever data changes in the cloud.

Powerful Console

  • Manage your app and data as you develop. See live data, logs, and performance metrics with zero configuration needed.

Built to Go the Distance

  • Start simple, go far. Schemas, relations, full ACID transactions, amazing TypeScript support, and a team that has built for scale.