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Directus Set Up Guide
This recipe explains how to trigger a new build of your static website (hosted at Netlify) whenever a new article is published


Directus is a headless CMS that instantly turns your SQL database into REST and GraphQL APIs and gives you a beautiful, intuitive no-code app to manage all your content and data.

But it's also more than just a headless CMS. It’s a fully headless composable data platform that has all the tools you need for creating, managing, serving, visualizing, and even automating your data for your next web, mobile, or digital project.

Agencies, Fortune 500s, and organizations in-between are using Directus for many different types of use cases in addition to Headless CMS.

If you want to go to market faster with a solution that’s also ready for true-production scale - Directus is the choice for your next headless CMS.

Key Features

Instant REST and GraphQL APIs – Directus creates powerful and easy to use REST and GraphQL APIs from your SQL database in 90 seconds or less. The APIs are highly performant and come with built-in features like robust authentication, caching, image transformation, aggregation, filtering, sorting, and pagination.

Intuitive No-Code App (CMS) – Developers AND non-technical users love how easy it is to manage content and even data models inside our Data Studio.

Live Preview – Preview how your content will appear on your live site right within Directus... without waiting on long build times or deploy previews.

Localization & Translations – Directus makes it easy manage multilingual content with a specialized interface that users love. And no matter what languages your organization requires, our Admin App supports a growing number of locales.

Advanced Roles and Permissions – Keep your data secure by creating unlimited roles and permissions to ensure users only access what they need.

Custom Dashboards – You no longer have to turn to separate business intelligence tools to get the reporting you need. With Insights you can rapidly build helpful dashboards without writing any code.

Built-In Automation – Stop stringing crazy workflows together with apps like Zapier, Make, or others. The Directus Flows module provides custom, event driven data processing and task automation right within your headless CMS.

Extensibility – Directus is highly modular and extensible. Your team can fully white-label it, create your own custom modules, interfaces, API endpoints, and much more using the Extensions SDK.