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The distributed database that takes you from zero to scale. Fauna is a relational database with a document data model that is delivered as a cloud API - ideal for building lightning-fast, dynamic applications.

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Fauna Add-on
The Fauna Add-on for Netlify makes it easy to use Fauna as the database for your Netlify sites and functions.


Develop and deliver fast, scalable web apps without worrying about operations with Fauna and Netlify.

How Fauna and Netlify work together

Enable developers to build blazing fast multi-tenant SaaS, distributed real-time apps, stateful serverless apps, or user-centric apps.

About Fauna

Fauna is a distributed relational database with a document data model that is delivered as a cloud API. An intuitive new database language inspired by Typescript supports relational features such as foreign keys, views and joins and combines the ability to express queries and functional business logic in transactions that are strongly consistent across multiple regions, all with no operations required.

Fauna integrates seamlessly with apps built and hosted on Netlfiy. This enables you to build fast, responsive web experiences. Because Fauna is accessed as an API, apps can access Fauna directly from the browser, mobile clients, and Netlify functions via popular JavaScript frameworks and programming environments.

Use Cases

Serverless Database for Fullstack

  • Combining Netlify with Fauna enables developers to build blazing fast modern web and SaaS apps while minimizing complexity and operational overheads.
  • Distributed real-time apps (IoT, financial platforms, real-time analytics), stateful serverless apps (workflow orchestration systems, advanced order processing systems, and business process integration systems), or user-centric apps (e-commerce, social media, gaming).