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Ghost Inspector
Run Ghost Inspector automated browser tests on your Netlify deploys.


Ghost Inspector is a complete end-to-end testing solution which makes automated testing for websites and web apps easier — but we haven’t skimped on powerful features. Whether you’re new to QA testing or a seasoned test engineer, we give you a versatile set of tools to achieve your quality assurance goals.

Use Cases

Simple Codeless Test Automation

  • Getting started with automated browser testing can be difficult and requires integrating many tools together. Not with Ghost Inspector. Now anyone can test.

Advanced Testing

  • Experienced with Selenium or Cypress? Explore our features that go beyond the recorder. Test complex edge cases with JavaScript and tie into CI pipelines.

Scheduled Tests

  • Monitor your website or web app by running your browser tests on a schedule. Define intervals or specific days and times. Ghost Inspector will continuously monitor the functionality of your website.