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Integrations Setup Guide
Build production and preview static sites with and Netlify


Your content. Better, faster, at scale. is the modular content platform that enables marketers and developers to plan, create, and deliver experiences that look and feel great on any channel. The intuitive authoring experience helps marketers plan, create, and manage content, while developers enjoy the total flexibility of the headless solution.

Use Cases

World's best build times for Jamstack

  • Jamstack makes developers' work easier - many of their previous responsibilities (caching, autoscaling, security) have been off-loaded to the build server. However, if implemented incorrectly, this shift can take its toll in the form of an unresponsive content management experience. But not with Kontent and Netlify. According to the "Will it build?" benchmark, Kontent offers the fastest Gatsby plugin on this planet. Together with Netlify's build caching plugin for Gatsby, every build will be lightning fast!

Headful previews within a headless CMS

  • Content editors shouldn't be forced to leave their favorite editing UI in order to preview content they're authoring or to navigate to a piece of content they want to adjust. Kontent allows mapping of structured (headless) content elements to particular sections on their web pages and makes it easy to integrate this experience into its UI using Web Spotlight and Smart Link SDK.

Preview your content in real-time

  • To make sure editors' changes won't affect the live project until they're ready, just turn on the Preview API, configure preview URLs to point to your Netlify preview instance, and Preview webhooks will then make sure Netlify gets notified and prepares a fresh site for your editors in no time.

True Continuous Delivery

  • With Kontent and Netlify, you can achieve true Continuous Delivery. Plug the content creation into your CI/CD pipeline and trigger Netlify builds with Kentico Kontent webhooks. Employ Kontent workflows to make sure content is in top shape before publishing. Once it's published, Kontent will notify Netlify to prepare a production-grade build and, when all tests and checks pass, deploy it to the live production environment automatically.

A Perfect Home for Integrations and Content Editing Extensions

  • Kentico Kontent's open developer platform allows enriching the user interface by making use of custom extensions. Netlify offers the ideal infrastructure for hosting and re-using these extensions. Create your own extension, host it on netlify through the "Deploy to Netlify" button, and share it with the community. Whether it's your favorite text editor, eCommerce product selector, or syntax highlighter, they can all be deployed in one single click!