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Build fast with the Atlas developer data platform, integrating all of the data services you need to build modern applications with a unified developer experience.

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Developing a Web Application with Netlify and MongoDB
Build and deploy a simple web application using Netlify Functions and MongoDB Atlas
RAG based chatbot using Langchain and MongoDB Atlas
This starter template implements a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbot using LangChain and MongoDB Atlas.


Modern applications need to work with data in many different ways — but the way most organizations address this is broken. Too often, an organization adds a new single-purpose data technology to the stack for every new requirement: a transactional database, a cache, a dedicated search engine, a stream processor, a database for time series data, a dedicated database for on-device storage, etc. This sprawl of technologies means that developers need to work with a bewildering array of systems, architects need to integrate them, and operators need to run and secure them, just to ship a single software product.

A developer data platform should eliminate all the complexity and friction; it should be a pleasure to use. MongoDB’s developer platform helps you build and run modern applications by providing a unified way to work with data that addresses transactional workloads, app-driven analytics, full-text search, AI-enhanced experiences, stream data processing, and more. It not only prioritizes an intuitive developer experience, but integrates easily into your deployment workflows to simplify provisioning and management.

Use Cases
Artificial Intelligence – MongoDB Atlas unifies operational, analytical, and generative AI data services to streamline building AI-enriched applications.

Edge Computing – Enjoy the flexibility to deploy MongoDB at any edge location to improve availability, performance, and costs.

Internet of Things – Accelerate delivery and simplify the operation of IoT applications.

Mobile – The developer data platform that helps you launch an enterprise-grade mobile backend, fast. Build custom APIs or leverage fully managed services.

Payments – Enrich the payments experience by consolidating and analyzing data in any format in real time.

Serverless Development – Start small and scale to millions of users with confidence and the flexibility of our fully managed platform.