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New Relic Log Drains
Log Drains allow you to connect site traffic logs and function logs from Netlify’s CDN to New Relic for analysis, alerting, and data persistence.
New Relic
Automatically notifies New Relic of Netlify build events and installs the New Relic browser agent to monitor your sites.


Identify and resolve web errors and optimizations faster with New Relic and Netlify.

How New Relic and Netlify work together

The New Relic Plugin on Netlify notifies New Relic of Netlify build events and installs the New Relic browser agent so you can easily monitor changes in core web vitals, compare deployment statistics, and detect errors before they impact your users.

The New Relic integration with Netlify Log Drains allows teams on the Netlify Enterprise plan to automatically send Netlify log data to New Relic for advanced monitoring, troubleshooting, and faster alerting.

About New Relic

The world’s best engineering teams rely on New Relic to visualize, analyze and troubleshoot their software. New Relic One is the most powerful cloud-based observability platform built to help organizations create more perfect software. Learn why developers trust New Relic for improved uptime and performance, greater scale and efficiency, and accelerated time to market.

Use Cases

Monitor Netlify build and application performance

  • Get critical insights via real user monitoring
  • Understand how each deploy impacts your site performance
  • Measure Google Core Web vitals on your site
  • Quickly discover and fix errors before they impact your users

Monitor, visualize, and alert on Netlify Logs

  • User traffic monitoring
  • Analyze your Netlify traffic logs
  • Long-term log retention
  • User agent analytics
  • Session tracking