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Tell PerfBeacon to measure page speed after a successful build.


Ensuring your business's website stays online and functional, especially during busy traffic periods is critical. OnlineOrNot supports this by monitoring your business-critical pages and API responses, and immediately alerting you when things go wrong.

OnlineOrNot also lets your users subscribe to your business's status page, so they can receive notifications whenever an incident is created, updated, or gets resolved - minimizing your staff's support load.

Use Cases

Modern Uptime Monitoring

  • Making sure your websites, web apps, and APIs are still online doesn't have to mean using a tool that looks like it was built in the 90s.
  • Set-up is quick too, most folks have their uptime monitoring running within a minute.

Keep Customers Informed

  • With OnlineOrNot, your uptime monitoring automatically updates your status page. Letting your customers know when things go wrong, how the investigation is going, and when it gets resolved