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Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM

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Prisma Provider
Replaces the database provider in Prisma's schema.prisma at build time.



Prisma helps modern applications access and manipulate data through a unified data layer. Databases are complicated and brittle. Our goal is to make working with databases easy, reliable & (type-)safe.

Through good abstractions, we strive to simplify software development, enabling teams and individuals to move quickly.

Prisma brings modern data infrastructure, developed and battletested by tech leaders, to every developer and every organization.

Use Cases

Intuitive Database Client for TypeScript and Node.js

  • The Prisma Client works seamlessly across languages and databases. Ship faster by writing less SQL. Avoid mistakes with a fully type-safe API tailored specifically for your app.

Hassle-free Database Migrations

  • Prisma Migrate uses Prisma schema changes to automatically generate fully customizable database schema migrations.

Set up connection pooling across any kind of infrastructure in minutes

  • The Prisma Data Platform features a Data Proxy, which provides persistent, reliable, and scalable connection pooling for your databases. Prevent reliability and performance issues that can emerge particularly with serverless workloads without having to operate and maintain infrastructure.

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