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QA Wolf
Run QA Wolf end-to-end tests on Netlify deployments.



QA Wolf is a simple, fast, and free end-to-end testing tool, fully optimized for the entire team. With QA Wolf, users can create tests right in their browser and collaborate with their team in real-time. We found browser testing too difficult and often gave up on it entirely in our previous jobs. We built QA Wolf for developers like us who want to spend less time testing and more time shipping.

Use Cases

Run Tests

  • As we build out coverage, we’ll work with you to integrate QA Wolf into your dev process and start running tests. From a Github integration to a flexible API, we can work the way you do. Our ultra-fast platform runs every test 100% in parallel so you get results in minutes, not hours or days.

Investigate Failures

  • We don’t just run tests, we investigate every single failure. If it turns out to be a test code problem, we fix it. If it’s a bug, we write up a report with repro steps, a video recording, logs, etc. Instead of dealing with flaky tests and false positives, you get pure, actionable signal.