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React CMS and visual editor for Next.js, Gatsby, and Remix

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React Bricks - Deploy on Netlify
Easily deploy your app on Next.js, Remix, or Gatsby + Netlify


React Bricks is a Visual CMS for Next.js, Gatsby and Remix.
It is the first CMS great for both Developers and Content editors.
Developers create the content "Lego bricks" in modern React code. Editors create content in a visual way.

With React Bricks, everybody is happy. And a happy team creates great digital experiences.

How React Bricks and Netlify work together

Using Netlify and React Bricks webhook simplifies the process of creating and updating content on your Netlify site. Through this integration, content creators and developers can initiate Netlify builds every time they publish new content with the click of a button.

Use Cases

  • Websites & Web Apps

Using Netlify and React Bricks, you can easily run your websites and web apps without worrying about maintenance. Netlify handles the deployment and hosting, and React Bricks gives you visual, flexible content management.

  • eCommerce

Netlify and React Bricks make it easy to build great online stores. React Bricks works with most popular eCommerce platforms, allowing you to create fast, easy-to-manage stores that Netlify deploys and hosts.

-Enterprise websites

React Bricks' visual editing simplifies the process of creating and maintaining attractive enterprise websites. By dividing your website into bricks, you can effortlessly update banners, calls-to-action (CTAs), campaigns, and specific content pieces without affecting the entire site or breaking your design system.