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Sanity is the unified content platform that powers better digital experiences.

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Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for Netlify
Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Netlify builds
Sanity Connector
Add Sanity as a data source to Netlify Connect to unify all of your content sources and unlock a number of benefits that make it easier to modernize your web architecture.


Develop, deliver, and iterate flexible web experiences faster with Sanity and Netlify.

How Sanity and Netlify work together

Pre-built Netlify and Sanity plugins on the Sanity Exchange simplify creating and updating content on your Netlify site by enabling content writers to trigger Netlify builds with a single click and check the site's build status in Sanity Studio.

About Sanity

Sanity is the platform for structured content that lets you build better digital experiences. By treating content as data, organizations use our APIs to build optimal editing workflows and share content between systems to increase digital velocity. Our mission is to be the most versatile system for creating and distributing digital content to any device, application or channel.

Use Cases

Sanity for E-commerce

  • Unify product data with marketing content to get more value and reach from what you already have

Marketing Sites

  • Control every facet of your content and meta. Build, test, and iterate your way to experiences that convert

Products & Services

  • Work smarter with structured content. Unify product data with marketing content to deliver exceptional experiences that scale

Mobile Applications

  • We take care of all the DevOps stuff so you can get to market faster and scale as you go