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Flexible and seamless authentication for every use case.

  • DevTools


Stytch Starter
The Stytch + Netlify template makes it easy to learn the Stytch pattern and launch a frictionless auth flow in minutes.



Stytch is a developer-first authentication platform. Stytch gives you a developer-friendly, full suite of authentication and anti-fraud solutions that allow your team to build faster and get back to concentrating on your product ASAP.

Use Cases


  • Sign up and log in flows for every use case like SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication, Web3, Passkeys, and more.


  • Protect your app from fraud and malicious actors with Device Fingerprinting and Strong CAPTCHA.

Access Management

  • Uplevel your app's authorization.

Organization Management

  • Manage roles, groups, and permissions for your B2B

User Management

  • Manage user permissions, credentials, and settings for
    your consumer application.

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