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Sumo Logic Log Drains
Log Drains allow you to connect site traffic logs and function logs from Netlify’s CDN to Sumo Logic for analysis, alerting, and data persistence.


Sumo Logic knows cloud operations and analytics
Our cloud-native, multi-tenant platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduces your time to investigate security and operational issues. Our service processes more than 200+ petabytes of data and handles 20+ million queries daily for over 2,100 enterprises around the world. Instantly scalable analytics that will never lock you out or slow you down — no matter how much data you send or how many people use it.

Use Cases

Collect & Centralize

  • More than 150 applications and integrations make it easy to aggregate data across your stack and down your pipeline.

Search & Investigate

  • Real-time analytics help you rapidly identify and resolve potential cyber attacks, detect and prevent breaches, and reduce compliance costs.

Monitor & Visualize

  • Customizable dashboards align teams by visualizing logs, metrics and performance data for full-stack visibility and reliable delivery.

Alert & Notify

  • Machine-learning algorithms work 24/7 and alert you if there’s an important event or problem to fix.