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Open source SQL Database without the hassle. Build in a weekend. Scale to millions.

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Supabase Setup Guide
Add a database to your web project with Supabase and interact with it using serverless functions.



Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. Start your project with a Postgres database, authentication, instant APIs, realtime subscriptions and storage.

Use Cases


  • Every Supabase project is a dedicated PostgreSQL database, trusted by millions of developers.
  • PostgreSQL is one of the world's most scalable databases.


  • Every Supabase project comes with a complete User Management system that works without any additional tools.
  • Including PostgreSQL's policy engine, for fine-grained access rules.


  • An open source Object store with unlimited scalability, for any file type.
  • With custom policies and permissions that are familiar and easy to implement.


  • Data-change listeners over websockets.
  • Subscribe and react to database changes, milliseconds after they happen.

Edge Functions

  • Execute your code closest to your users with fast deploy times and low latency.